Sing While You Can

Sing While You Can

The groundbreaking a cappella theatre performance, with original pieces by local composer, David Ho-Yi Chan, and an overseas composer from Japan, Kazuki Takeuchi , lively presented by Yat Po Singers will be staged at the Kwai Tsing Theatre Black Box Theatre from 24-25 June 2017.

The a cappella theatre double bill includes a production titled “It is said that this is our era of survival…” by David Ho-Yi Chan and the another production “To kyo” is written by the Kazuki Takeuchi. Both performances feature vocals together with magical bodily interpretations on stage and tell us stories about Hong Kong and Japan.


Composers: David Ho-Yi Chan (Hong Kong) | Kazuki Takeuchi (Japan)
Choral Performers:  Raoul Chan* | Sam Lau* | Ronald Tsang* | Keith Wong*
                                     *Resident Artists of Yat Po Singers
Guest Performer: Nao Higashihara (Japan)

Date & Time:
24.6.2017 (Sat) 8pm
25.6.2017 (Sun) 3pm

Venue: Kwai Tsing Theatre Black Box

Ticket Price: $150 (Free Seating)