Om Encounter

Laugh hard beneath a moonless sky


The renowned actor, who had been playing the lead female role, suddenly quit and married a woman? What a huge crisis in this all-male Cantonese opera troupe! The urgent recruitment brought unexpected responses! In the midst of all chaos, everyone with their own ambitions competed fiercely! This summer, Yat Po Singers will bring you another hilarious original A Cappella theatre production Om Encounter!

With Michael Lam as the playwright, Ng Cheuk Yin as the composer, Leung Pak Kin as the lyricist, and Anna Lo as the choral director, Om Encounter combines A Cappella with elements of Cantonese operabreaching the boundary between Chinese and Western arts forms. Taking the essence from the segment of Encounter in Nunnery from the Cantonese opera treasure The Flower PrincessOm Encounter presents a modern perspective of the encounter with crazy and humorous plots, wandering between friction and truth, theatre and reality.


Jordan Cheng, Fung Chi Yau, Ernest Hui, Rick Lau, Sam Lau, Ma Hin Yung, Christie To, Ronald Tsang

Creative and Production Team​

Composer/Music Arranger/Music Director:Ng Cheuk Yin
Playwright:Michael Lam
Script Revisor:Jordan Cheng
Lyricist:Leung Pak Kin
Choral Director/Deputy Music Director:Anna Lo
Stage Directors & Choreographers:Jordan Cheng, Iris Tang, Ronald Tsang
Sound Designer:Candog Ha
Lighting Designer:Adonic Lo
Set & Props Designer:Isaac Wong
Artistic & Production Advisor:Yuri Ng*
Production Manager:Bee Li
Make-up & Hair Stylists:Iris Choi, Maggie Wong
Graphic Designer:heiCreative
Cover Illustrator:Yeungdraw
Sketch Painter:Ronald Tsang

*By kind permission of City Contemporary Dance Company


Tel:+852 2154 4233


  • Recommended for ages 6 or above.
  • Programme duration is approximately 90 minutes without intermission.
  • Yat Po Singers reserves the right to change the programme and artists.
  • Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.
  • The content of this programme does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region