Jockey Club New Arts Power: Rock Hard (Re-run)

Jockey Club New Arts Power: Rock Hard (Re-run)

This revival of Rock Hard revisits familiar ground. We examine our experiences of how times have changed and how our lives are different, and by incorporating these new feelings into a work that tells an old story, we hope to inspire audiences of our time to sustain the legacy of Rock Hard spirit.

A group of boy scouts on a hiking trip through Hong Kong’s best greenery. Along the way, they sing songs and tell folklore and ghost stories. The trek gets rough after dark. The scouts seem to lose their way. They pass a solitary woman, and suddenly the evening mist disperses to reveal a wedding ceremony in progress, bustling with boisterous duets. Guests leave after the wedding feast, leaving the woman alone. Like the Amah Rock, she holds a baby in her arms and waits in hope for the return of her lover. The scouts continue their journey upwards, walking into the clouds. They sing and tell stories of mountain and sea. Rock Hard views the history of Hong Kong from a refreshing perspective. Through innovative play on both traditional and urban legends, it presents an allegory for the city that wanders through multiple times and spaces. It is a journey that not only looks back with nostalgia and looks forward with hope, but also fixes its gaze firmly upon the present.

2008 Hong Kong Rock Hard premiere
2010 Hong Kong Rock Hard re-run
Shanghai Rock Hard re-run (Shanghai Expo)
2012 Macau Rock Hard (Site-specific) – Zheng’s Walls Have Ears
Hong Kong Rock Hard re-run (Tour Edition)
Shantou Rock Hard re-run (Tour Edition)
2015 Seoul Rock Hard Excerpt

Video of past performance:


Date & Time:
25.11.2017 (Sat) 8pm
26.11.2017 (Sun) 3pm

Venue: Ko Shan Theatre New Wing Auditorium

Ticket Price:
$250 / $180 / $130

Presented by: Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Funded by: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust