Anna Lo

Anna Lo is a composer, songwriter, arranger, pianist, singer, conductor, and stage performer. She graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Berklee College of Music. 

Anna has collaborated with groups including Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Yat Po Singers, Hong Kong String Orchestra, Hong Kong Dance Company, Theatre Ronin, etc. In 2019 she was commissioned to create the extremely well-received original cabaret show TriKa Tsai for the Tai Kwun Theatre Season, for which she acted as composer, lyricist, and performer. 

Anna is an avid A cappella singer and a prolific A cappella arranger/composer. She is currently music director of professional A cappella group VSing. Also, she is currently associate artistic director of Yat Po Singers, and has performed in a large number of Yat Po’s productions since 2014; she has also acted as arranger and vocal coach. In 2017, she created and composed an a cappella theater production Save the Next Song for Me for Yat PoSingers, and was nominated for “Best Original Song and Lyric” in the 27th Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies Awards.

Anna also works in pop, and has performed with and recorded backup vocals for numerous singers. She gave her first concert re.Kindle in August 2016 as part of the Beyond Good Music @ the Fringe series held by HK Sinfonietta. She also launched her first EP K in August 2016. Her second solo concert ACA-ANNA held in September 2017 was sponsored by Tencent Music Entertainment Group and was live-streamed to over 500,000 viewers.

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