Yat Po Singers

The first professional a cappella choral theatre company in Hong Kong. The founding Co-Artistic Directors are Patrick Chiu, Ng Cheuk-yin and Yuri Ng. The Company focuses on producing and developing original works in order to promote a cappella art and demonstrate the innovative interaction of music and theatre. Besides, the Company aims at enriching the arts scene particularly by nurturing young composers and artists, audience building and arts education.

The Company’s first a cappella theatre production Rock Hard received the CASH Golden Sail Music Award in the Best Serious Composition category from the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong in 2009. In 2015, the Company received the “Award for Arts Promotion” from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Another a cappella theatre work, Our Immortal Cantata (Re-run), was awarded “The Best Original Music & Lyrics”, “The Best Sound Design” and also one of “The Best Productions of the Year” by the 26th Hong Kong Drama Awards in 2017.

Ng Cheuk-yin

NG Cheuk-yin is a composer, music producer, sheng performer and a cappella artist.

Yin is the artistic director of Yat Po Singers, Hong Kong Sinfonietta’s first Artist Associate and the music director of the fusion group SIU2. After receiving a post-graduate degree from the Music Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he went on to study Japanese at the International Christian University in Tokyo and Jazz Music at Codarts in the Netherlands.

In 2012, Yin received Award for Best Artist from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. In 2009 and 2013, Yin received the Best Serious Composition in CASH Golden Sail Music Awards by the theatrical choral concert Rock Hard and double sheng concerto Before the City Collapses respectively. In the next year his choral work Singing Voices of the world was awarded the CASH most performed work award 2013 (serious music). In 2011, Yin released his solo a cappella album “Single Singers” which became a hot topic for this art form in Hong Kong.

Yuri Ng

Yuri Ng is an Artistic Advisor of Yat Po Singers, an a cappella theatre company found in 2012.  He was the Hong Kong Sinfonietta’s Artist Associate from 2011-2013.  In 2013, Ng received the Award for Best Artist (Dance) from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.  He received the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Hong Kong Dance Awards in 2012.  Ng also received the Artist of the Year Award–Choreographer from the Hong Kong Artists’ Guild in 1997 and in 1998, he was awarded Prix d’ Auteur at the 6th Rencontres Choreographiques Internationale de Seine-St-Denis (Bagnolet) with his choreography of Boy Story

Recent creations include theatrical choral concert Our Immortal Cantata, Requiem HK and Rock Hard for Yat Po Singers; Butterfly abd Red Pear Blossom for Yam Kim Fai & Pak Suet Sin Charitable Foundation;  Hose of Dancing Water for Unlock Dancing Plaza. Other creative projects include Dream Dances (visual direction), Shao Nian Yau (curator and visual director) for Hong Kong Dance Company and Herbal, Vocal or Motional? (stage director/ designer) for Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, A Soldier’s Story for Hong Kong Sinfonietta and Art School Musical for Edward Lam Dance Theatre.

Raoul Chan

Raoul was graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Vocal and Opera studies. He is currently a resident artist of Yat Po Singers and the instructor of the “Sing-Sing-Sing” Pop Singing Course at Flower Music 10, as well as the singing instructor at Hong Kong Vocal Arts Studio.

Raoul has created his first choral theatre work Addio Turandot in the a cappella-la-la programme by Swire Properties Limited and one of the pieces, Why Do You Still Love Me has received the nomination in the CASH Golden Sail Award – Local Serious Work. Apart from Yat Po Singer’s Productions, he has also participated in Actors’ Family’s musical production including Lo’s Here and A Tale of the Southern Sky.He has recently participated in the latest Nissin Food TV commercial as the voice actor of its mascot. Raoul currently performs in various Asian and European countries, including China, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, and Brussels etc.

Sam Lau

Sam Lau is an artist of Yat Po Singers and the founder of VOICENJOY Art. He is currently undertaking a Master Degree of Fine Arts in Drama in the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, major in playwriting.

Sam’s past performances included: Sing While You Can (Yat Po Singers, 2017), Requiem HK (Yat Po Singers, 2016), Our Immortal Cantata (Yat Po Singers, 2016 Re-run, 2014 Premiere), Voicemail 2020 (Tokyo Architdanz Studio, 2016), Art School Musical (Edward Lam Dance Theatre, 2016 Re-run, 2014 Premiere), Herbal, Vocal or Motional? (Collaboration of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and Yat Po Singers, 2015), Voices and Dances of the Distant Land (Collaboration of Hong Kong Dance Company and Yat Po Singers, 2015).

He has also been participating in creative roles included: Concept and Creative Writing of Save The Next Song For Me (Yat Po Singers, 2017), Concept and Creative Writing of Hong Kong Jockey Club Outreach Programme (Collaboration of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and Yat Po Singers, 2017), Music Director of Choice of Hamlet (Theatre in the Dark, 2017), Creative Director of Mei Jeok (The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, 2015), and Songs and lyrics writer, playwright and director of Marriage is a Little Game (Swire Properties, 2015).

Sam is now a freelance artist and tutor.

Ronald Tsang

Ronald obtained the degree of Bachelor of Art (Fine Art), major in Painting, from RMIT University. He was trained in a cappella music, visual arts and physical motion for over twelve years. He has also been the resident artist of Yat Po Singers since 2012.

Ronald has taken part in music performances and exchange activities in many Asian countries, including: Rock Hard (première) at the New Vision Arts Festival (2008), as well as the opening show of the Hong Kong Cultural Week at EXPO Shanghai in 2010, Hose of Dancing Water by Unlock Dancing Plaza (2011), Choreographer for International a cappella Extravaganza by Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (2010 – 2014, 2018), Zheng’s Walls Have Ears at the Macao Arts Festival (2012), Exhalelahni at Vocal Asia Festival Hong Kong Twist Concert (2017), Sonic Kung Fu Attack, an a cappella theatre at the Hong Kong Ocean Park, choreographer and performer at Our Music Collection 2.0 by Hong Kong Arts Festival (2018).

Musical theatre performance including: Once on this Island (2008) and The Pajama Game (2011) by the Hong Kong 3 Arts Musical Institute (3AMI), A Musical in Reading – The Woman in Kenzo, by Actors’ Family (2013) and Art School Musical by Edward Lam Dance Theatre.

Keith Wong

Keith Wong is a performing artist – vocalist, actor, composer, arranger, playwright, director and administrator.

He has been working for Yat Po Singers as a full time resident artist since 2012 and provided administrative support in the first two years. Prior to his artistic career, he graduated from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2009 with a degree in Business Administration.

Since joining the Company, he has performed in all original a cappella theatre productions with his signature falsetto, including Requiem HK (2016), Our Immortal Cantata (2014 premiere and 2016 tour), Sing Sang Sung (2013) and the 2009 CASH Golden Sail Music Award Best Serious Composition winner Rock Hard (2008 premiere and 2012 re-run).

Performing with Yat Po Singers, he has collaborated with various performing art groups such as Herbal, Vocal or Motional? (2015) with Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Voices and Dances of the Distant Land (2015) with Hong Kong Dance Company and Our Last Voice (2015) and Voicemail2020 (2016) with studio ARCHITANZ in Tokyo. He also toured Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and 6 cities in Mainland China to perform 30 shows of Art School Musical with Edward Lam Dance Theatre from 2014 to 2016.

He has performed in many arts festivals with the Company, such as Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival 2016, Shanghai International Chorus Week 2015, Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) 2015 and Zheng’s Walls Have Ears in Macao Arts Festival 2012.

Besides being a performer, he loves to create. He has served as the director, composer, playwright and choral director of the a cappella theatre production The Way We Work (2015). He arranged music for the HKFYG International A Cappella Extravaganza every year from 2010 to 2015.